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Home and Community Based Services

Are you looking for HCS services geared towards person-centered practices? Do you have a family member you would like to remain at home with you or in their own home? We offer all services and supports for the Texas HCS Medicaid Waiver Program.

HCS is a Medicaid "waiver" program which provides a flexible array of services to people in the community . For example, an individual with HCS may choose any of the following living options:

1. Comunity First Choice (through HCS) - The client lives with their family or in their own home and individualized services are brought to them.

2. Host Home/Companion Care - The Host Home provider owns or leases the home and are contracted through Pace to provide certain services to the individual.

​4. Group Homes
                 A. Supervised Living - Up to three clients living in a home owned by Pace Opportunity                   centers. This is for individuals who don't require routine supervision, but still need some assistance with meal planning, recreation, transportation and housekeeping. Day Habilitation services provided.
                B. Residential Support Services - for up to 4 individuals who require supervision and support from direct services providers who are awake and present when individuals are there. Day Habilitation services provided.