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Intermediate Care Facility

We offer services in our small ICF group homes in the Longview, Texas area. We have 2 male 8-bed group homes, 1 female 6-bed group home and 1 co-ed 6-bed group home that specializes in caring and supporting individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

The ICF program is for individuals with an intellectual disability or related conditions. The program provides residential and habilitation services to people with intellectual disabilities and/or a related condition.

According to The DADS website in order to be eligible for an ICF program:

1. The Social Security Administration must have determined you to have a disability.
2. You must have a determination of intellectual disability made in accordance with state law or           have been diagnosed by a physician as having a related condition.
3. You must be in need of and able to benefit from the active treatment provided in a supervised 24-hour setting.
4. Your income and resources may not exceed specified limits.